*NEW* Aroma Herbal Massage

The Aroma Herbal Massage is a fusion of our Aroma Massage and our Herbal Massage, enhancing the benefits and experience of both. This massage takes your mind and body on an aromatic escape to relaxation with the use of Suchada’s house blend *Organic Aroma Massage Oils, and freshly prepared herbal compresses that provide deep-heat herbal therapy.

Choose from three different combinations of Herbal Compresses and Aroma Massage Oils:
•Relaxing Lavender
•Lemongrass-Mint and Ginger Oil
•Traditional Thai Herbal

*USDA Certified Organic

Our all-natural Suchada Oil is a blend of Organic Virgin Coconut Oil and Organic Essential Oils. Use as a body moisturizer, scalp and hair treatment, massage oil and for herbal therapy apply onto sore muscles & joints before or after hot shower or bath.

Relaxing Lavender Aroma Herbal Massage
Soothe and relax your body and mind with the healing benefits of lavender:
• Relieves tension, aches and sore muscles
• Reduces stress and uplifts mood
• Acts as an anti-inflammatory on skin, muscles and joints
• Antiseptic qualities leave skin clean and fresh

Lemongrass-Mint & Ginger Aroma Herbal Massage
Relax, relieve and detox achy tired muscles with the this Aroma Herbal Blend
Healing benefits of Ginger:
• Reduces inflammation, swelling and general muscle discomfort
• Helps with pain relief by reducing prostaglandins, compounds associated with pain
• Reduces mental stress, exhaustion, restlessness and anxiety
• Promotes respiratory health by clearing ‘microcirculatory channels’ of the body
• Promotes circulation and aids the bodies ability to flush out toxins

1 hour $80
1 ½ hours $115
2 hours $150
*Try the Thai way for 2 hours (Traditional, Aroma, Herbal, Aroma & Herbal, or any combination for 2 hrs)

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