Lavender, Fresh Lemongrass- Ginger, Thai herbal

The combination of penetrating herbs with deep heat therapy helps relax muscles and relieve, aches and pains. Herbs are blended on-site for specific-use. An herbal compress is used alternately on the body and tense area with soothing, warm organic aroma oil.

Sesame Compress Back & Shoulder Massage
Relieves tension and headaches, focusing on the upper body, neck, shoulders, and back.
Relaxing Lavender hot compress: with organic lavender oil.
Fresh Lemongrass- Ginger hot compress: with organic Lemongrass oil.

1 hour $80
1 ½ hours $115
2 hours $145

* We recommend that you arrive at least 30 minutes before your massage appointment to enjoy our dry sauna.

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