24 September 2018

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Basic Techniques of Traditional Thai Massage

Basic Techniques of Traditional Thai Massage

Traditional Thai massage uses stretching, compression, and assisted yoga positions to elongate muscles and increase blood flow throughout the body. Our licensed massage therapists employ these techniques at Suchada SF Thai massage.

Torso and Shoulder Stretch

This technique can relieve shoulder pain and stress in the latissmus dorsi, serratus anterior and teres major muscles. The client’s arm is stablized by the therapist over their leg while compressing the shoulder blade.

Folded Leg Knee Press

This technique is quite effective for treating hip pain, sciatica, and piriformis syndrome. The pose compresses the gluteus muscles by folding the leg while the therapist applies pressure with a knee press in the glutes and hip rotators.

Assisted Back Bend

The therapist assists the client into a backbend to compress the spinal erectors. Pressure from the therapists feet disables the normal pain reflex to help stretch and relax this sensitive area.

Posterior Leg Foot Press

A very effective technique used at all our San Francisco Thai massage locations using body weight to bring the client’s leg into a locked position, stimulating the medial hamstrings and vastus medialus.

Anterior Leg Elbow Press

This is a very effective and powerful way to treat tibialis anterior. Shortening the muscles makes them more responsive to pressure so the muscles learn to shorten gracefully.

Experience the Difference

All Suchada Thai Massage therapists are well-trained and have more than 5 years experience providing traditional Thai massage. Thai massage should never be painful. We encourage clients to speak freely during the massage so that you receive the best experience at all times.

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