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Open 10AM - 10PM

Herbal Spa

Suchada Herbal Spa is an eco-friendly, sustainable spa where busy professionals can pamper themselves with organic treatments. Unlike, the other two locations, Suchada Herbal Spa also offers a dry sauna where you can relax after your treatment while enjoying a cup of herbal tea and some fresh fruit. Open 10AM - 10PM


Location's Services

Traditional Thai Massage

$ 73. /1hr --- $105./1.5hr --- $135. /2hr

Reinvigorate - For routine general health & well-being. At Suchada, we perform authentic traditional Thai massage the way it is practiced in Thailand. The client is fully clothed – we provide loose-fitting pants and tops. The massage is done on a mat on a wooden platform and consists primarily of bending and gentle stretching in yoga postures. In Thailand, a traditional Thai massage session lasts two hours. At Suchada, we offer 1 hour, 1.5 hour and 2 hour sessions. 73.-/1hr. 105.-/1.5 hrs. 135.-/2 hrs.


Thai Herbal Massage

$80.-/1hr. 115.-/1.5 hrs. 150.-/2 hrs.

Revitalize - Adding deep heat herbal therapy. A very unique traditional Thai treatment. Each compress is prepared with traditional Thai herbs, lemongrass, kaffir lime and other fresh herbs. The warmed compress is used in combination with traditional Thai massage, adding deep-heat herbal therapy to give you extra benefits. Thai herbal massage promotes deep relaxation and soothes tired muscles and other aches and pains. 80.-/1hr. 115.-/1.5 hrs. 150.-/2 hrs.


Aroma Exfoliating Massage

$ 80.-/1hr. $115.-/1.5 hrs. $150.-/2 hrs.

Refresh - Herb and plant-based exfoliating treatments. Herb and plants-based exfoliating treatments remove dead skin cells from the body using a unique blend of botanicals organic aroma oil. 80.-/1hr. 115.-/1.5 hrs. 150.-/2 hrs.

Only at Suchada Herbal Spa

Thai Therapeutic Massage

$80.-/1hr. $115.-/1.5 hrs. $150.-/2 hrs.

Recovery. This massage focuses on specific concerns, using varying techniques selected by the massage therapist, depending upon the client’s individual physical concerns and based upon the client’s dialogue with the massage therapist before and sometimes during the massage. Performed by senior therapists. 80.-/1hr. 115.-/1.5 hrs. 150.-/2 hrs.


Thai Foot Reflexology

$73.-/1hr. $105.-/1.5 hrs.

Restore. This energy-based, traditional Thai massage, focuses on feet and reflexology, up to the knees, using a wooden therapy stick, massage oil from Wat Po in Thailand and massage cream. Reflexology points on the soles of the feet are associated with particular body organs. Pressure on specific points helps stimulate activities of the inner organs, promotes deep relaxation and improves blood circulation. 73.-/1hr. 105.-/1.5 hrs.


De-Stress Back & Shoulder Massage (30 min, 45 min)

$ 45/30 min, and $55/45 min

Relieves tension and headaches, focusing on the upper body, neck, shoulders, and back.

All locations

Thai Aroma Massage

$ 75.-/1hr. $110.-/1.5 hrs. $140.-/2 hrs.

A fabulous blend of East & West, using warm energizing organic aroma oil, leaving you with a renewed sense of energy.


Swedish Massage

$75.-/1hr. $110.-/1.5 hrs. $140.-/2 hrs.

Renew - Deep relaxation while stimulating blood flow. Swedish massage, one of the oldest forms of massage practiced, brings you a sense of deep relaxation while stimulating blood flow, which can improve circulation. Techniques are used to rub, knead, tap, and brush the muscle fibers, which often become contracted, tense, or sore due to stress, overwork and inefficient use. 75.-/1hr. 110.-/1.5 hrs. 140.-/2 hrs.


Deep Tissue / Trigger Point Massage

$80.-/1hr. $115.-/1.5 hrs. $150.-/2 hrs.

Repair. This massage uses a combination of manual pressure applied to trigger points to relieve localized pain, discomfort and other sensations as well as full-body deep tissue work. 80.-/1hr. 115.-/1.5 hrs. 150.-/2 hrs.


Couple's Escape

$365.-/2 hrs (per couple)

Enliven - For couples 2 hour session (Price includes 20% gratuity) of Bliss-Out is available for couples. This makes for a great spa getaway with your significant other without leaving San Francisco.

Only at Suchada Herbal Spa @ 2 Division St.

Aroma Herbal Massage - Rewaken

$80.-/1hr. $115.-/1.5 hrs. $150.-/2 hrs.

The Aroma Herbal Massage is a fusion of our Aroma Massage and our Herbal Massage, enhancing the benefits and experience of both. This massage takes your mind and body on an aromatic escape to relaxation with the use of Suchada’s house blend *Organic Aroma Massage Oils, and freshly prepared herbal compresses that provide deep-heat herbal therapy. 80.-/1hr. 115.-/1.5 hrs. 150.-/2 hrs.