San Francisco Traditional Thai Massage

San Francisco Traditional Thai Massage

Founded in 2005, Suchada Thai Massage had humble beginnings when the founder employed the techniques she had been taught by the monks of Wat Pho temple in Bangkok Thailand at her home.  With popularity came more demand, and there are now three San Francisco locations with over forty certified massage therapists.


Traditional Thai massage is said to have been founded by the Budda’s physician Shivago Komarpaj over 2,500 years ago. Ancient documents note his extraordinary medical skills, knowledge of herbal spa medicine, and for treating important people, including the Buddha himself. But the history is more complex than the legend, as Thai traditional medicine is a synthesis of Indian, Chinese, and Southeast Asian traditions. Even today there is considerable variation from region to region across Thailand.


A synthesis of many techniques including, reflexology, stretching, leaning pressure, yoga, heat, and energy line work. To utilize these methods the therapist uses palms, feet, elbows, thumbs, forearms and knees, to provide an experience tailored to release tension and stress while increasing well-being and vitality.


Suchada therapists are trained in the Way Pho school tradition, at the Bodhi Panya Institute in San Francisco. Students are required to complete 500 hours of training ensuring the highest standards of authenticity and professionalism.  Services available at three San Francisco locations:


• 38 Bryant St. at the Embarcadero just under the Bay Bridge

• 2 Division St. in the SOMA Design District

• 3699 17th St. near Dolores Park.